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SWTOR Mounts & Vehicles

A complete list of all the mounts and vehicles you can obtain in the game.

BoE means Binds on Equip, BoP means Binds on Pickup, and BtL means Binds to Legacy.

Knockoff protection, or the likelihood that an enemy will knock you off and stun you if you get too close, is as follows, from worst to best: None, Good, Excellent, Exceptional, Extreme.

Adno Family

Amzab Family

Aratech Family

Bantha Family

Corellian Family

Cutter Family

Czerka Family

Desler Family

Droid Family

Dewback Family

Exchange Family

Gree Family

GSI Family

Gurian Family

Hoverchair/Throne Family

Hyrotii Family

Ikas Family

Irakie Family

Joko Family

Kalakar Family

KDY Family

Korrealis Family

Lergo Family

Lhosan Family

Longspur Family

Mana Family

Orlean Family

Walkhar Family