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Electrostaves & Techstaves


usable by Shadow, Assassin, Vector


Usable by Yuun, Torian, SCOPRIO, Spar

Hilt 1

Hilt 2

Hilt 3

Hilt 4

Hilt 5

Hilt 6

Hilt 7

Hilt 8

Hilt 9

Hilt 10

Hilt 11

Hilt 12

Hilt 13

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Hilt 15

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Hilt 17

Hilt 18

Hilt 19

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Name Style Level Bind Source
A-20 Assault Staff31BoE
Assault Staff11BoE
B-30 Battle Staff35BoE
Baradium Electrostaff47BoE
Battle Staff15BoE
Battlestaff of the Echani Duelmaster50BoE
Brutal Prototype Electrostaff23BoP
C-22 Concussion Staff41BoE
Cathar Warstaff181BoECartel: Direct Buy
Champion's Prototype Electrostaff12BoP
Concussion Staff23BoE
Cortosis Staff50BoE
Custom-built Electrostaff220BoEArmstech
Deft Champion's Electrostaff1211BoE*
Devastating Prototype Electrostaff31BoP
Dragon Electrostaff9BoE
DX-2 Massive Electrostaff223BoE*
E-12 Dragon Electrostaff29BoE
Elegant Modified Electrostaff1250BoEArmstech
Elite Tormentor's Prototype Electrostaff39BoP
Enervating Electrostaff33BoE
Fira Electrostaff191BoLManaan Vendor
Force Staff39BoE
Fusion Electrostaff17BoE
Grandmaster Marshal's Electrostaff950BoE*
Grandmaster Tormentor's Prototype Electrostaff50BoP
Grandmaster Trickster's Electrostaff954BoEArmstech
Heavy Baradium Electrostaff52BoE
Ion-Charged Electrostaff21BoE
M-35 Shock Staff43BoE
M-45 Shock Staff50BoE
Magnapulse Staff45BoE
Marshal's Electrostaff928BoPAlderaan, Tatooine Vendor 11,800
MD-5 Meteoric Electrostaff536BoP14 Planet Coms
Militant's Electrostaff13BoE
Paramount Marshal's Electrostaff1243BoE*
Paramount Tormentor's Prototype Electrostaff43BoP
Punishing Prototype Electrostaff16BoP
S-2 Berserker Electrostaff916BoP14 Planet Coms
Shattering Prototype Electrostaff20BoP
Shock Staff27BoE
Stun Staff19BoE
Sundering Electrostaff25BoE
Supreme Marshal's Electrostaff248BoP14 Planet Coms
Supreme Tormentor's Prototype Electrostaff47BoP
Tormentor's Prototype Electrostaff27BoP
Typhoon-5 Electrostaff1248BoEArmstech
Vicious Prototype Electrostaff35BoP
X-10 Fusion Electrostaff37BoE


Name Style Level Bind Source
Custom-built Techstaff320BoEArmstech
Elegant Modified Techstaff550BoEArmstech
Grandmasters Trickster's Tech Staff1454BoEArmstech
Prototype A-20 Assault Tech Staff31
Prototype Assault Tech Staff11
Prototype B-30 Battle Tech Staff1535BoP14 PLanet Coms
Prototype Baradium Tech Staff347BoP14 Planet Coms
Prototype Battle Tech Staff315BoP14 Planet Coms
Prototype C-22 Concussion Tech Staff41
Prototype Concussion Tech Staff23
Prototype Cortosis Tech Staff50
Prototype Dragon Tech Staff9
Prototype E-12 Dragon Tech Staff29
Prototype Enervating Tech Staff33
Prototype Force Tech Staff39
Prototype Fusion Tech Staff17
Prototype Heavy Baradium Tech Staff52
Prototype Ion-Charged Tech Staff21
Prototype M-35 Shock Tech Staff43
Prototype M-45 Shock Tech Staff50
Prototype Magnapulse Tech Staff45
Prototype Militant's Tech Staff13
Prototype Shock Tech Staff27
Prototype Stun Tech Staff19
Prototype Sundering Tech Staff25
Prototype X-10 Fusion Tech Staff37
A-20 Assault Tech Staff332BoPAlderaan, Taris Vendor 6850
M-35 Shock Tech Staff244BoPVoss, Belsavis Vendor 13,000
B-30 Tech Staff136BoPQuesh Vendor 8650
Ion-Charged Tech Staff122BoPNar Shadaa Vendor 3300
Assault Tech Staff1012BoPDK Vendor 1100
Dragon Tech Staff1010BoPDK Vendor 850
Baradium Tech Staff1048BoPCorellia, Ilum Vendor 15,450
Concussion Tech Staff1024BoPNar Shadaa, Tatooine Vendor 3900
Force Tech Staff1040BoPBelsavis Vendor 10,700
X-10 Fusion Tech Staff1038BoPHoth Vendor 9650
Militant's Tech Staff714BoPTaris, Balmorra, DK Vendor 1450
E-12 Dragon Tech Staff730BoPAlderaan Vendor 6000
Battle tech Staff716BoPTaris, Balmorra Vendor 1800
Stun Tech Staff720BoPNar Shaddaa Vendor 2750
Magnapulse746BoPVoss Vendor 14200
Cortosis Tech Staff850BoPCorellia, Ilum Vendor 16,800
Enervating Tech Staff834BoPTaris Vendor 7750
Fusion Tech Staff1318BoP - RTaris Vendor 2500
Sundering Tech Staff1426BoPTatooine Vendor 4550
Shock Tech Staff628BoPAlderaan, Tatooine Vendor 5250
C-22 Concussion Tech Staff642BoPBelsavis Vendor 11,800
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