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Assault Cannons

4.0 Cannons

Exarch / Ultimate Exarch Assault Cannon

Exemplar Assault Cannon

Defiant Assault Cannon MK-5

Odessen Assault Cannon

Outlander Assault Cannon

Defiant Assault Cannon MK-1

Cynosure Assault Cannon

3.0 Cannons



Stronghold Defender

Binary Star Reality Reputation Vendor

Kingpin Autocannon

Nightlife Event

EL-Rotary Plasma Cannon

Star Cluster Nightlife Pack

SL-34 Rotary Plasma Cannon

Star Cluster Nightlife Pack

Revanite A.C.

The Ravagers (HM)
Temple of Sacrifice (HM)

Dark Reaver

3,500 Ranked Warzone Commendations

Czerka CZX-4 Assault Cannon



1,250 Warzone Comms


The Ravagers (SM)
Temple of Sacrifice (SM)

RH-32 Starforged

Initiate's Shadow Pack

RH-33 Starforged

Acolyte's Shadow Pack

RH-34 Starforged

Apprentice's Shadow Pack

RH-35 Starforged

Master's Shadow Pack

Swashbuckler's Assault Cannon

Season 4 PvP Reward


Esstran Imports

GT-23 Plasma Assault Cannon

Deep Core/Core World Explorer's Pack

GT-27 Plasma Core Assault Cannon

Mid Rim Explorer's Pack

GT-40 XT Plasma Core Assault Cannon

Outer Rim Explorer's Pack

GT-13 ST Assault Cannon

Deep Space Explorer's Pack

Gladatorial Assault Cannon

Season 5 PvP Reward

Predacious Assault Cannon

Season 6 PvP - 20,000 Tokens

Older Cannons

Athiss Micro-pulse Autocannon


D-21 Rancor Striker


C-406 Wraith Projector

14 Basic Commendations

Colicoid Battle Cannon

Colicoid War Game

B-215 Fusion Striker

Mission ??

X-15 Combat Projector

Alderaan, Tatooine - 11,800 credits

Thunderburst Dual Cannon

Blockade Runner's Cartel Pack

Renegade Incinerator


Cademimu Plasma Autocannon


Scout Assault Cannon

Tatooine Bonus Series

C-106 Night Hunter Crusader

Hit'em Where They Live
(Balmorra, X: -515, Y: 1,800)

Hammer Revolving

Hammer Station

V-56 Fusion-X Cannon

Maelstrom Prison

A-12 Rancor Crusader

Essles Revolving Autocannon

The Essles

N-302 Rampage-X Striker

Mission ??

A-115 Rancor Destroyer


A-315 Plasma Cannon


E-56 Repeating Cannon,
G-201 Rancor-X Saboteur

Cyber Mercenaries

900 Warzone Commendations

CZR-9001, Arkanian, Enhanced,
Improved, Exceptional


E-102 Wraith Annhilator

Cyber Mercenaries
(Voss, X: 660, Y: -1,310)

Red Reaper Plasma Cannon

Red Reaper

Red Reaper Portable Cannon

Red Reaper

G-201 Bantha Destroyer

900 Warzone Comms

Dread Guard Combat Med-tech's

Armstech, Explosive Conflict (HM/NiM)

E-15 Rampage Cannon

14 Basic Commendations

Annihilator-5 Cannon,
Dread Guard Eliminator

Arsmtech, Explosive Conflict (HM/NiM)

D-10 Repeating Annhilator

H-313 Renegade Annhilator

Campaign Combat Med-tech's A.C.
Gray Helix A.C.

Terror From Beyond (HM)
Explosive Conflict (NiM)
Black Market / Crime Lord's Cartel Pack
Gree Event

Hyperstorm Heavy Cannon<

Black Market/Crime Lord's Cartel Pack

V-413 Military Assault Cannon

900 Warzone Comms

Elegant Modified Assault Cannon


Havoc's Fist


Z-303 Rotary Crusader

580 Warzone Commendations

E-403 Heavy Cannon


Battle Assault Cannon

14 Basic Commendations

A-415 Galactic Destroyer


Renegade Assault Cannon

Hit'em Where They Live
(Balmorra -515, 1800)

Campaign Eliminator

Terror From Beyond (HM)
Explosive Conflict (NiM)

The Justice


X-3 Heavy Assault Cannon

Searing Crusader

Enemies of the Republic
(Coruscant 955,4573)

Colicoid Assault Cannon

Colicoid War Game

Ion-XX Crusader


H-206 Miltary Blaster

900 Warzone Commendations

A-405 Wraith Projector

14 Basic Commendations

Tral-tech Cannon

Tarval V

U-403 Military Incinderator

900 Warzone Commendations

Standard Issue Repeating Blaster,
Turrethead Assault Cannon

Drop, 900 Warzone Commendations

D-106 Sonic Saboteur

P-7 Military Cannon

The Jedi Prisoner

Clan Varad Fusion-X Autocannon

Mandalorian Raiders

Fusion-Bolt Cannon

900 Warzone Commendations

N-416 Heavy Sonic Crusader

14 Basic Commendations

R-110 Pulse Wave Saboteur

Class Story-Justice

Tral-tech Portable Cannon

Tarval V



Corellian Bunker Buster (Aurek),
(Besh), (Grek)

Regulator's / Enforcer's Contraband Pack (Aurek and Grek)
Vice Commandant's Pack (Besh)


Regulator's / Enforcer's Contraband Pack


Vice Commandant's Contraband Pack


Regulator's / Enforcer's Contraband Pack

Kell Dragon, Shadowed

Terror From Beyond (NiM), Scum & Villainy (NiM)

JM-27 Assault Cannon

Freelancer's / Contractor's Bounty Pack

JM-28 Assault Cannon

Pursuer's Bounty Pack

JM-29 Assault Cannon

Tracker's Bounty Pack

JM-30 Assault Cannon

Opportunist's Bounty Pack

Dread Forged



Dread Master

The Dread Fortress (NiM), The Dread Palace (NiM)

Interstellar Regulator (Aurek)

Dogfighter's / Wingman's Starfighter Pack

Interstellar Regulator (Besh)

Galactic Ace's Starfighter Pack

Interstellar Regulator (Cresh)

Space Jockey's Starfighter Pack

Interstellar Regulator (Dorn)

Hotshot's Starfighter Pack

Outbreak Response Assault Cannon

Rakghoul Resurgence Event

Primordial Aurek

Archon's Contraband Pack


Supreme Mogul's Contraband Pack


Bounty Supply Reputation Vendor

Kyber Assault Cannon

600 CC

Antique Socorro (Aurek)

Gatekeeper's Stronghold Pack

Antique Socorro (Cresh)

Seneschal's Stronghold Pack

Antique Socorro (Besh)

Constable's Stronghold Pack

Antique Socorro (Dorn)

Architect's Stronghold Pack

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