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Tython Achievements Guide

Tython is the starter planet for Jedi Consular and Jedi Knight characters. There are several achievements that require players to be a Jedi Consular or Jedi Knight to obtain them. Following this guide will award you with all of the achievements on Tython.

Quick Info

Total Points: 240
Total Cartel Coins: 40
Bestiary Codex: 6
Datacrons: 3
Heroic Enemies: 4
Heroic Missions: 1
Loremaster Codex: 4

Location Map

Beastmaster of Tython

  • The Guid bestiary lore is awarded by defeating a Greater Guid in Lower Kaleth.

  • The Horranth bestiary lore is awarded upon defeating a Horranth Matriarch in Tythos River Valley.

  • The Manka Cat bestiary lore is awarded upon completing the mission Pilgrim Medicine. This mission is only available to Jedi Consular and Jedi Knight characters.

  • The Tythonian War Droid bestiary lore is awarded by defeating a Tythonian Seeker in Lower Kaleth.

  • The Uxibeast bestiary lore can be found by approaching a friendly Uxibeast in The Gnarls.

  • The Wingmaw required for Beastmaster of Tython is not located on Tython. The Wingmaw's found on Balmorra will give credit for the Beastmaster of Tython achievement.

Datacron Master of Tython

There are three datacrons located on Tython. These datacrons are Endurace +2, Willpower +2, and a Blue Matrix Shard.

Droid Reconnaissance: Tython

Hero of Tython

Hero of Tython requires that players only complete 1 heroic mission. However, this mission is only available to Jedi Consulars and Jedi Knights.

Chamber of Speech
  • This mission is started by Do Zonn at Elarian Trail Speeder, near the Ruins of Kaleth.

  • You will need to go to a cave at the far the west side of the Ruins of Kaleth.

  • After collecting the Power Cells, from droids within the cave, proceed to the console at the rear of the cave.

  • The console is undergoing a system failure. During the interaction with the console, you will be presented with a Light Side and
    Dark Side choice about preserving one of two histories before the console shuts down. The choice will result in 50 points towards the selected alignment.

Liberator of Tython

Liberator of Tython requires players to defeat 4 unique elite enemies located on Tython.

  • Bloodskin can be found near the back of the Flesh Raider Territory, in a crater surrounded by piles of bones.

  • Fleshraider Conquest Droid is located at the top of the stairs going into The Forge Remnants.

  • Grand Chieftain Keshk is located in the middle of the road in the southern area of The Forge Remnants.

  • Margavrok is located at the top of the hill northeast of Kalikori Village.

Loremaster of Tython

To complete Loremaster of Tython, players must find all 4 lore objects on Tython. A Jedi Consular or Jedi Knight are required for the lore objects of Holocron and Jedi Weapons, as they are awarded through the class stories of these classes.

Holocron Jedi Weapons
  • Jedi Knight: Rewarded during the Weapon of the Jedi mission, after crafting your lightsaber.

  • Jedi Consular: Rewarded during the The Forge Mission, after crafting your lightsaber.

Rebuilding the Jedi Order

This lore object is located inside the Jedi Temple. The object is a chair within a study room.

Rediscovering Tython

This lore object is located in The Gnarls. The object is at the base of an ancient statue.


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