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Biochem Leveling Guide (6.X)

Note: This is the Game Update 6.X version of the guide.
You can view the 4.X version here.
You can view the pre-4.X version here.

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Biochem is the engineering of performance-enhancing chemical serums and biological implants.

This Biochem Leveling Guide will show you the fastest and easiest way to level your Biochem Crew Skill from 1 to maxlevel using the least amount of materials.

The Biochem crew skill creates consumables that give stat bonuses or restore health, as well as Implants (equipped items). The consumable item types are: Stims (moderate primary stat bonuses a limited time), Adrenals (large secondary stat bonuses for 15 seconds), Medpacs (restores health to you), and Med Units (restores health to you and your companion). Implants are items you can equip in the Implant slot on your character screen and give a combination of both Primary and Secondary stat bonuses.

Complementary Crew Skills

  • Bioanalysis Crew Skill
  • Diplomacy Crew Skill

What to Make

To start, visit any Biochem Trainer and learn the Biochem Crew Skill. All of the schematics listed in this guide are available to purchase from the Trainer as you level.

Note: In Game Update 4.1, you can use the Cell Grafts you craft at lower levels to craft items at higher levels, thus the exact amount of materials used will vary significantly from player to player. This section of the guide gives an overview of when you should switch to the next item to craft and depends very much on which Cell Grafts you have available. If you run out of Cell Grafts, craft more as you go (they have a very large difficulty level buffer).

Example: Craft

Dielectric Cell Graft
Dielectric Cell Graft
until level 20. Then craft
Prototype Battle Medpac
Prototype Battle Medpac
until you run out of
Dielectric Cell Graft
Dielectric Cell Graft
OR until you hit level 35, then switch back to
Dielectric Cell Graft
Dielectric Cell Graft
, craft more
Prototype Battle Medpac
Prototype Battle Medpac
with what you make, and repeat until you reach the next tier (level 40 with
Prototype Battle Absorb Adrenal
Prototype Battle Absorb Adrenal

Note: Sometimes there is an overlap, in which two different items may both be viable to craft at a certain level. In these cases, it is up to personal preference. Ex: Prototype Hyper-Battle Medpacs or Prototype Hyper-Battle Stims at level 320 are both possible crafting options. All optimal items in a tier require the same materials (we've listed these at the bottom of each tier).

Companion Crafting Bonuses

Since Game Update 4.1, companion crafting bonuses are now based on Influence rating with each companion.

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