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SWTOR Patch Downloader

This tool allows you to simply download any patches that Bioware has made publicly available.


  • Windows

How to use

  1. Open the file "ptchdownloader.exe" (Yes, the a is intentionally missing)
  2. Select, if you want to download live, pts or movies
  3. Select the File Type (main, client, en-us, de-de, fr-fr)
  4. Select Patch variant
    XtoY means patching from the version before to the wished version
    0toY means patching from the version 0 to the wished version
  5. Type the version number (Y), you want to download in the small textbox.
    You can also use version numbers (like 1.0.0) to download something from a specific game version.
  6. Chose the location, where you want to save the files. You have to use "/" instead of "\"
    Use the button "Select Directory" to select it directly
  7. To download the normal patch files, click "Download Files"
    To download the Patch-Manifest, click "Download Manifest"
    To download the Solidpkg, click "Download Solidpkg"
    To show, when a patch got released, click "See creation date"


To enable some nice bonus-functions, just open the devmode.json and change "false" to "true"

This will allow the following:

  • Download liveqatest client
  • Download betatest client
  • Download cstraining client
  • Download liveeptest client


  • Q: Is using this against the SWTOR terms of service?
    A: No, it doesn't modify the game files itself in anyway. If you wish you can download the files in your regular web browser instead if you know the URLs to the files.
  • Q: How does it work?
    A: It checks the version-number you entered and tries to find it on Bioware's servers. If found, it will download this version.
  • Q: Will using this tool corrupt my installation?
    A: Nope! You can select the folder where you want to download the files and keep it separate from existing installations.
  • Q: Does it work for the PTS?
    A: Yes.
  • Q: Will it work for French and German assets?
    A: Yes.
  • Q: Can I use this to download patches at work without a SWTOR installation?
    A: Yes. An existing SWTOR installation is not required.
  • Q: Why is the GUI freezing while downloading?
    A: Because I was too lazy to thread the GUI. The download status is displayed in the console and the GUI will react again when the download is finished or canceled.



  • Q: My antivirus blocks the file.
    A: The program is a compiled python file. Some antivirus programs have problems with them. Don't worry.
  • Q: I get "Version not found!" after I clicked download."
    A: Make sure you entered a correct version-id (like 300) or a valid version number (like 6.0).
About the Author
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