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Vibroswords & Techblades


Usable by Warrior, Knight, Consular, Inquistor, Bowdaar, Broonmark, Khem Val (can dual wield)


Usable by Skadge, Tanno Vik, Qyzen Fess

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Name Style Level Bind Source
Assault Blade11BoE
B-15 Talon Blade29BoE
Baradium Vibrosword47BoE
Battle Blade15BoE
Carnage Prototype Vibroblade16BoP
Cathar Honor Sword161BoECartel - Enforcer Pack
Champion's Prototype Vibroblade12BoP
Concussion Blade23BoE
Corruptor Blade1910BoLhDF - Corruptor Zero
CorSec Electrobaton211BoECartel - Direct Buy
Cortosis Blade50BoE
Cryo Blade39BoE
Custom-built Vibrosword0720BoEArmstech
Deft Champion's Vibroblade11BoE
DX-2 Resonating Vibroblade0523BoE*
E-10 Concussion Blade41BoE
Elegant Modified Vibrosword1150BoECrafted
Eliminator's Dual-Edge Vibrosword1BoECartel - Space Pirate Pack
Elite Freelancer's Prototype Vibroblade39BoP
Energy Blade27BoE
Fencing Vibrosword13BoE
Fira Vibrosword111BoLManaan FP Vendor
Force Devourer's Vibrosword0234BoP
Freelancer's Prototype Vibroblade27BoP
Frenzied Prototype Vibroblade31BoP
Fusion Vibrosword17BoE
Gamorrean Axe121BoECartel - Direct Buy
Grandmaster Freelancer's Prototype Vibroblade50BoP
Grandmaster Freelancer's Vibroblade1054BoEArmstech
Grandmaster Military Legend's Vibroblade0550BoE*
Heavy Baradium Vibrosword52BoE
High Frequency Vibrosword21BoE
M-40 Fusion Vibrosword37BoE
Magnapulse Blade45BoE
MD-5 Shock Viper Vibroblade1436BoP14 Planet Coms
Military Legend's Vibroblade0528BoPAlderaan, Tatooine Vendor 11,800
N-30 Battle Blade35BoE
Paramount Freelancer's Prototype Vibroblade43BoP
Paramount Military Legend's Vibroblade0243BoE*
Penetrator Prototype Vibroblade35BoP
S-2 Rescue Vibroblade1116BoP14 Planet Coms
S-40 Assault Blade31BoE
Scorching Vibrosword33BoE
Searing Vibrosword25BoE
Shredder Prototype Vibroblade20BoP
Stun Blade19BoE
Supreme Freelancer's Prototype Vibroblade47BoP
Supreme Military Legend's Vibroblade0548BoP14 Planet Coms
Sword of the Vigilant2010BoLCzerka Rep
Talon Blade9BoE
Terror Prototype Vibroblade23BoP
The Chopper1348BoEArmstech
X-12 Energy Blade43BoE
X-22 Energy Blade50BoE
E-25 Weighted Vibrosword0223BoPNar Shadaa Vendor 3550
Jagged Vibrosword0231BoPAlderaan Vendor 6450
Soldier's Vibrosword0212BoPDK Vendor 1100
Ceremonial Vibrosword029BoPDK Vendor 750
Veteran Vibrosword0236BoPQuesh Vendor 8650
Temple Guardian's Blade0239BoPHoth Vendor 10,200
Duelist Vibrosword0216BoPTaris, Balmorra Vendor 1800
Ancient Vibroblade1448BoPCorellia, Ilum Vendor 15,450


Name Style Level Bind Source
Custom-built Techblade0220BoEArmstech
Elegant Modified Techblade1050BoEArmstech
Gladiator's Striker Techblade02*1BoECartel - Space Pirate Pack
Grandmasters Freelancer's Techblade54BoEArmstech
Honored Hunter's Techblade34BoP
Prototype Assault Techblade11BoE
Prototype B-15 Talon Techblade29BoE
Prototype Baradium Techblade0747BoE14 Planet Coms
Prototype Battle Techblade0715BoE14 Planet Coms
Prototype Concussion Techblade23BoE
Prototype Cortosis Techblade50BoE
Prototype Cryo Techblade39BoE
Prototype E-10 Concussion Techblade41BoE
Prototype Energy Techblade27BoE
Prototype Fencing Techblade13BoE
Prototype Fusion Techblade17BoE
Prototype Heavy Baradium Techblade0752BoE*
Prototype High Frequency Techblade21BoE
Prototype M-40 Fusion Techblade37BoE
Prototype Magnapulse Techblade45BoE
Prototype N-30 Battle Techblade2035BoE*
Prototype S-40 Assault Techblade31BoE
Prototype Scorching Techblade33BoE
Prototype Searing Techblade25BoE
Prototype Stun Techblade19BoE
Prototype Talon Techblade9BoE
Prototype X-12 Energy Techblade43BoE
Prototype X-22 Energy Techblade2350BoE*
Assault Techblade0612BoPDK Vendor 1100
Talon Techblade0610BoPDK Vendor 850
B-15 Techblade0630BoPAlderaan Vendor 6000
N-30 Battle Techblade0736BoPQuesh Vendor 8650
Searing Techblade0726BoPTatooine Vendor 4550
Battle Techblade0716BoPTaris, Balmorra Vendor 1800
Fencing Techblade0814BoPTaris, Balmorra, DK Vendor 1450
Energy Techblade0428BoPAlderaan, Tatooine Vendor 5250
M-40 Fusion Techblade0438BoPHoth Vendor 9650
Mangnapulse Techblade0446BoPCorellia, Voss Vendor 14,200
E-10 Concussion Techblade1042BoPBelsavis Vendor 11,800
Fusion Techblade1018BoP - RTaris Vendor 2500
Baradium Techblade1048BoPCorellia, Ilum Vendor 15,450
Concussion Techblade1024BoPNar Shadaa, Tatooine Vendor 3900
Cryo Techblade0240BoPBelsavis Vendor 10,700
Stun Techblade0220BoPNar Shadaa Vendor 2750
Cortosis Techblade0150BoPCorellia Vendor 16,800
S-40 Assault Techblade0132BoPAlderaan, Taris Vendor 6850
X-12 Energy Techblade0144BoPVoss, Belsavis Vendor 13,000
High Frequency Techblade0122BoPNar Shaddaa Vendor 3300
Scorching Techblade2034BoPTaris Vendor 7750
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